Most companies marketing to small businesses and consumer customers use an approach known as passive marketing. Passive marketing includes TV, radio, billboards, newspapers and magazines, to name a few. The only problem with this strategy is it usually doesn’t get a product or service properly communicated, demonstrated, or sold to the potential customer. Most people, likely including yourselves, do not listen wholeheartedly to radio or TV commercials, nor have the time in your 24-hour day to take telemarketing calls seriously. Companies that invest in this marketing strategy spend large amounts of money, even though they are are unsure if they will receive profit in return on their investment.


For national, large, and most medium-sized businesses, the best way of approach is to send a team of corporate individuals to that business to speak one-on-one with the staff there, discussing and negotiating a common business agreement in-person. Nothing can replace the human touch and one-on-one communication in the world of corporate business. Bottom line, this proactive marketing approach gets more income and longer-lasting, loyal customers into a client’s portfolio. So how do we bring this proven and successful business model to smaller and consumer-based customers that are not being reached by passive marketing campaigns?

This is where Choice Marketing Concepts comes in!

By supplying all of our results with integrity and constantly demonstrating our core values through our business habits on a daily basis, our company guarantees higher profits and bigger results for clients on a paid-by-performance basis, where the client is not at risk of losing capital through their investment into our proven business model.


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